IREPCO started its activity after receiving an agreement in principle in 1985 from the Ministry of Industries. In 1996, it launched the production line of magnesia-based basic refractories completely in Gonabad County. In the new decade of refractories industry in Iran, the company is producing different types of magnesia-based basic refractories including magnesia, magnesia-carbon, magnesia-spinel, alumina-magnesia, magnesia-chromite, and chrome-magnesia bricks, and special refractory materials including gunning masses, cold and hot ramming masses, tundish lining, and various types of basic mortars. The company’s initial production capacity was 20 thousand tons of basic refractories. After R&D plan execution in 2004, the annual production capacity reached 30 thousand tons. Based on the market need, the company has formulated its new development plan up to 50 thousand tons per year, which is expected to become operational by 2017.
As IREPCO has considered customers’ need of paramount importance, it has based company’s policy on three principles of innovating, maintaining quality, and winning customers' trust. Relying on the above principles, it always provides an appropriate choice for its customers who are the company’s permanent partners.
INNOVATION : IREPCO believes that it needs new thoughts and innovation is to employ new ideas. Therefore, it has considered its advancements owe to customers’ thoughts, it has always considered their constructive suggestions and feedback as offers, and it has made a considerable investment on R&D activities for guaranteeing permanent presence in industries. The Company has made its utmost attempt to be as a helpful and effective attendant for customers and offer the best solution for reaching the highest efficiency and functionality with the most reasonable price.
QUALITY MAINTENANCE: Knowing that a customer never forgets a poor quality, IREPCO has selected quality and appropriate raw material based on the application conditions of its products in various industries to present its products to customers by employing modern technology, precision equipment of production line, uniform quality, and reliable operation.
WINNING CUSTOMERS’ TRUST:  As customers’ satisfaction is the best advertising, the company has set its major goal for valuing customers’ demands. For this purpose, it offers an exclusive offer for each industry. It takes steps in tandem with a customer from the beginning. While providing before-, during- and after-sales services, it provides customers with its several years’ experience for the optimal exploitation in a stepwise manner on designing, selecting refractories, installing and offering applied solutions. One of the company’s honors is procurement of refractories for sintering and transition zones of cement kilns in most of cement companies. The use of modern equipment and knowledge, specialists, appropriate raw materials, employment of new managerial systems, close contact with cement factories, and knowing customers’ need have provided better performance records in this industry every day. As per the principle of customer orientation, the sales engineering department is active and it is able to design and calculate refractory lining of cement kilns and provide the best guidelines technically and economically on selecting and installing the products.